Oil on Canvas


Sunflower © 2023 carriegraham.art

This is another very, VERY old oil painting with a Liquin multi-glaze technique. It belongs to a friend, so I can still visit it regularly. It’s a 16″ x 20″ Gesso, Liquin and oil on canvas.

I had built a number of planters on my farm, and I planted them with somniferum and columbine and a lovely red velvet sunflower. I miss the farm and the endless, hard-angled, wild light of a prairie sunset.

I will likely spend the rest of my life trying to capture the beauty of that particular variety of sunflower (It was sold under the brand “Red Velvet Queen” but I don’t remember by whom) and that particular light. It’s nice to see this picture, but in a happy/sad way – it makes me kind of wistfully yearn for a past I cannot revisit – a place to which I can no longer return.

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