Oil on Canvas


Fred © 2023 carriegraham.art

This is only the 2nd portrait I’ve done, and, full disclosure, it is NOT a perfectly accurate likeness. That said, anyone who knows Fred personally has immediately recognized this painting as him, so it’s not far off from an accurate likeness. I kept this one because, well, he’s been one of my best friends for over a decade, and I like having this painting around.

This is an 18″ * 36″ oil on canvas. It is also the last oil I painted. The slow drying time of oils, combined with dramatic improvements in acrylic technologies, made me switch to acrylic in 2015. As evidence of oil’s SLOOOOOOWWWWW turnaround time, this painting was started with a gesso base in 2012, and was Liquin and oil-glazed over a period of two years. I finally put the final archive glaze on in 2014. I’m not sure if some of thicker paint is fully dry even to this day.

I also played with using iridescent pigment powders in the Liquin glazing, which is what gave the skin a bluish cast. It was a technique I won’t use again, but it was fun to play with them. They were new at the time. This painting has a number of technical mistakes I learned a lot from and I’m still okay with it after looking at it for about ten years. I can’t say I’ve put much effort into getting better at rendering hair though.

I’ll practice that when I get around to it. Ha!

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